We keep the
location clean.

Even in pandemic times, we offer a safe and clean event environment in which you can plan your events. We guarantee filtered air, always disinfected areas and a complete hygiene concept.

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NEW! We can testing you for Corona.

The ALICE Rooftop & Garden now offers rapid testing for your safe events. Within 30 minutes, 25 people can be tested via rapid antigen testing. You must allow for the appropriate lead time when planning your event.

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Protection & Hygiene Concept

Safe events at Corona times is possible thanks to our protection & hygiene concept. The impact of COVID-19 has presented us all with new challenges. To ensure safe and smooth events under these new conditions, a rethinking of event planning and implementation was required. The ALICE Rooftop & Garden offers customized solutions under greatly increased protective measures. In doing so, the best possible protection is guaranteed for all parties involved. With us, you will find the ideal conditions for holding events in strict compliance with the safety and hygiene requirements of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). All thanks to our spacious, air-conditioned indoor area as well as our spectacular roof terrace.

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Corona rapid test method

The ALICE Rooftop & Garden now offers rapid testing for your safe events. Within 30 minutes, 25 people can be tested via rapid antigen testing. The corresponding lead time must be taken into account by you in the event planning.

  • from 30 persons mobile service in execution, evaluation and transmission of a medically certified certificate
  • within Berlin, personnel and travel costs are included

We will be happy to send you the corresponding prices upon request, please write us an e-mail.

The following procedures are foreseen:

1. contacting/ contents of the event:

When will the event take place?
How many persons are to be tested?
Who are the persons to be tested?

2. registration / booking:

Possible via online booking system (QR code will be generated and sent via e- mail).

3. on site:


Participants*innen announce themselves by QR code with the registration
Participants receive a business card with another QR code with which the result can be retrieved online approx. 20 minutes later (DSGVO compliant and anonymized)
Participants are tested in a cabin, a separate room or a separate area with privacy protection.
After the test, the participants go to the outdoor area (our roof terrace) and wait for the transmission of the test result according to the applicable hygiene concept (see below).

in case of a negative test result the participants are released for the event
in case of a positive test result, the participants* are obliged to leave the location immediately, to avoid contact with other persons and to go directly to domestic quarantine. Further instructions will follow from the test station and the health department.