Virtual events at the highest level

One of our main focus lies in the implementation of completely virtual events. These types of events only have the organizers (and if applicable speakers) of the program are on site and all other participants are connected virtually and without interference via a stream. Virtual events will furthermore increase the reach of your company and create interactive communication for your customers.

This furthermore allows you to integrate your target group worldwide all at the same time. Interaction tools such as votings, Q&A’s, feedback sheets or quizzes guarantee the attention of the audience and bring a lot of excitement and enthusiasm to your virtual events.

No limits for your virtual events

Thanks to our spacious interior, which can be decorated and set up to your needs and wishes, and our beautiful rooftop terrace, there are hardly any limits to your (digital, virtual or hybrid) ideas and visions. Our professional ALICE Digital Studio, can be used for all types of virtual events and can be completely darkened upon request. It also exclusively available – no disturbances or outside visitors.

The green screen technology in a so-called green box, which allows you to put objects or people in front of a background of your choice.  This way you ensure a professional appearance under your own branding and increase the attention of your audience.

Different types of event formats, such as award ceremonies, panel discussions, shareholder meetings  or exhibitions and trade fairs can also be transmitted completely digitally. There are almost no limits to the types of events that we can organize for you.

With the right technology, networking and social media tools, every format can be implemented virtually, and the participants are brought into interaction via a common platform. Transmission, or streaming, can be done on your own company platform or a platform of your choice.

Please contact us if you have any unanswered questions. We look forward to giving you our professional advice and will gladly provide you with an individual offer.

More details on our ALICE Digital Studio and hybrid events
Did you know, that you can also rent our event technology?

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