Hybrid events with a lot of interaction

Hybrid events are characterized by a mix of participants and virtual spectators. It does not matter whether the participants are the listeners (for example your colleagues and teams) or the speakers. Smaller events consisting of listeners and speakers can also be streamed to a worldwide audience, so that the reach of your events is increased tremendously.

The comprehensive topic of sustainability also plays an important role with hybrid events. Participants no longer have to travel long distances to be there live and in real time these days.

Hybrid events at ALICE – fast & trouble-free

We can provide you with trouble-free and high-quality transmission (with low latency) while including your virtual participants in the conference. We have several tools at our disposal that allow the integration of votings, Q&A’s, feedback sheets, quizzes and much more. This means that both the participants on site and the digitally connected people have an active role and a productive exchange is guaranteed.

We are also happy to advise you with any questions you may have We have already had very good experiences with the implementation of hybrid congresses or panel discussions, as well as the transmission of company anniversaries and shareholder meetings.

Thanks to our in-house event technology and a very experienced team consisting of highly trained event professionals and technicians, we can plan and implement a high-quality hybrid event.

Of course, we out a high emphasis and importance to data protection and can offer you a GDPR-compliant stream.

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